The 3 major skills that make the biggest impact in the life of a creative entrepreneur

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The questions in my mind keep rolling like the waves of the oceans hitting the shores. “What is Creativity?” “How does it work?” “Does Creativity flow like water?” “Can it be harnessed like the wind and put to use?”... These questions are the seeds of what has impelled me to create FromInfinity.com. As I explore question about Creativity, I also want to know what skills and tools can best serve me to expand my creative capacity for making things happen. After 7 years on this path, I feel ready now to be sharing the insights and wisdom I have cultivated from my journey. A lot of experimentation and many trials and errors later I learned that the synthesis of 3 major skill-sets, what I like to call “Meta Skills” are essential to a life of unlimited possibilities and is the bridge the creative entrepreneur must walk across: A Dedication to Creative Mastery. A Dedication to the Way of Entrepreneurship....
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